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"Gina is a loyal poet. Her words radiate wisdom and courage through love and her books portray all the guidance of following your heart, at all cost. When I am searching for words of inspiration, Gina Venturini's Calling Love Home is my go to!"

"Gina Venturini is a visionary who operates first and foremost, through her heart. She speaks from a place of peace, love, understanding and humility. Gina inspires her readers to move through the world as she does, holding space for love and striving to make it a better, kinder place for all."

"The heart speaks but often we're too busy to listen. Gina's poetry is a collection of what love is all about. Her books of poetry are the kind of books you'll want to stash in your guitar case or journaling bag as a reminder you are not alone in this world we call home."

Courtney Parnell Owner & Founder Limitless SUP Yoga

Lara Marjerrison Founder & Director of #StartAnUproar

Jimi Yamagishi Director

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