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Her eyes had witnessed a great deal of things. Joy, pain, beauty, ugliness, awe, and haughty expectation. Yet, they carried so much truth behind her assertive candid demeanor. Her eyes had become her heart's authentic voice and the vitreous windows to her soul.

The Color of My Heart is You

When you exist within a diluted Love affair for many years, and then one day a divine connection is brought to awaken your heart, you are bound to be inspired.

Calling Love Home

Life happens they say and as we take chances to journey out of our comfort zone, we tend to meet people along the way who have the ability to open our hearts, minds, and teach us to appreciate and Love unconditionally, even through all of the differences. Heart break transitioned my life from Los Angeles to Austin and within the first week, I met someone who's connection sparked a flame, ignited my heart, and gave me inspiration to write. Even though the chance meeting was brief, memories caused Love to flow within me and on to these pages. And while taking a deep journey within my heart, I was able to discover the true me.

Hearts Don't Bend They Break

When I started writing this book, it began as poems of heartbreak. However, while writing the words you see on these pages, my heart started to heal and I was able to let go of the wanting and need for my muse that inspired the first two books. This book is about love, and in having to let go of the love that was not meant for me, became the catalyst for my growth.

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