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Gina grew up in Nebraska, where she studied opera. After college Gina moved to Minneapolis and ended up singing backup vocals for an Elvis / Neil Diamond Impersonator. Wanting more, she left with a suitcase and took a train to Memphis, where she connected with a Marriott circuit band that toured all over the east coast and Wisconsin. Then, she was drawn to California for personal reasons and continued to pursue music and created original projects with Genius Girl and Valet. In addition to music, Gina's creative talents branched out into fashion and she started her own jewelry line, GINA VENTURNI DESIGNS.

A job and personal reasons transitioned Gina from Los Angeles to Austin Texas in 2013 where Gina's creative talents evolved into writing, and she wrote her first poetry book, "Calling Love Home" A journey of the heart. After a brief stay in Austin Texas, Gina headed back to Los Angeles to start the next chapter in her life and released her second book, "The Color of My Heart is You." 

Then in 2017, and the need to heal, she penned her third book "Hearts Don't Bend They Break."  She is now writing her fourth book and beginning her career in public speaking. 

Photo By Fran Hartshorn

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