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Dear Men

Dear Men,

This comes from the perspective of a woman looking from the outside in, and has even experienced this once or twice in her lifetime. As strong as woman’s spirit is, her heart is just as fragile. So you can understand why she just doesn’t allow anyone to hold that precious space too close.

You know that space that had been given false promises, broken down, fought like hell to rise above, healed, then fought so hard against, yet out of her control there was you, who unlike many that had previously tried, found a way to break through.

Maybe it brings you some sort of power to know that a woman who is treated like an option, ego stroke or even a photo opp. can remain loyal to what her heart conveys. And no matter how strong she is, has to struggle to fight the pull of your reach every time you feel she’s completely walking away.

Trust me a woman knows everything however, she is just waiting to see if you can be different from any man before. All she wants is pure honesty, and nothing more. She'll respect a man for having the courage to tell her that she isn't the one, and there is another woman, over a man who may be confused, has no clue what he wants, and will try to create a way for her to keep holding on.

So men, just remember that while you are out there trying to find the easiest way or best option for the night, a woman will only wait for so long, let go, move on, and never be heard from again.

And once your Ego becomes diminished and tired, you just might wake up realizing that you had settled for something less than, what could have been the greatest Love of your life.

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