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Ever since the birth of social media, we have become a society where we have the ability to edit our lives in order to make us look impressive and even sometimes give off a message that everything is wonderful when in reality some are struggling just to come up for that next breath of air.,

So I ask, what is the measure for having it all together?

Since I can remember back to the age of 5, I had always wanted to be a famous singer,

With dreams to be famous and traveling around the world, I didn’t realize back then in doing so, all of the sacrifices I had to make in my life in the attempt to make it happen.

Those sacrifices included having to live so far away from my family and only being able to go visit every 5 years. Never having holidays off, never having a family of my own, and having to work other jobs just to make a living while trying to give full energy to my dreams.

These days, having that dream growing into a different direction, and knowing the woman I am turning into, I would have never settled for the woman I was for about 23 years.

I don’t even know that woman anymore.

However, at 51, I come to realize that the journey grows us and we have to go through things in life to change us.

For me, a single woman who had never had children, living in a 1 bedroom apartment in the city of Los Angeles, trying to make a living as an entrepreneur in the insurance industry while still aspiring to be that best selling author and a public speaker, still has many days of anxiety and doubt in the pursuit. There are even days when I fill I have missed out on what some considre the true reason to be a woman of giving birth, and feel so inadequate. These days, I truly yearn for that family dynamic, to the pont that I get panic attacks when I staart coming home knowing that it's just me alone.

I am learing that I overthink things which lost the man I felt finaly comfortable to hange out with after 6 years.

Still, I am truly still baffled when I get messages from people that say I inspire them, and they think have everything together.

And then I realize, they are looking from the outside in.

And as I look up to people who are married with a family, stable job, home, as having what seems to have their life together, I've come to the realization, as they open up to me, it's not true.

We all perceive things differently as to what it means having our lives together. And perception is just what it is, perception.

In reality we don’t always know the truth of what is going on, so it’s just a reminder that always need to be gentle on ourselves, and kind to one anothe.

Although we want to put people upon a pedastal, you don't really know what is really going on,


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