Love and Travel

I’m checking in to the airport this morning with my usual cargo that I take with me every other week that includes a carry-on suitcase and a large bag that includes forms, two laptops, leads, appointments, office supplies, and snacks.

As I get through the checkout line, my bag Is put aside for further investigation.

And as the attendant is looking through my bag, he pulls out this large chunk of rose quartz that I forgot I had with me.

He pulls it out and says, “It looks like this was the issue.”

I told him that’s my rose quartz, I carry it with me to attract love from the universe because working in my industry and traveling a lot alone, I need all the love that the universe has to offer. He looked at me, smiled, and told me it worked. I was free to go, and he wished me a very safe trip. Yes, I’m that person that carries crystals when I travel. And I even wear them on my body. For those of you that travel a lot, what do you always bring with you that gets you through and even heightens your superpower?

My superpower is love and I wish you all a great week In creating the life that you want to live. ❤️ GINA VENTURINI

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