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You Can't Hide The Truth

What I would think was just another Friday at Lucy’s laundry mat, has given me another lesson of no matter how much your try, you can’t hide the truth.

As my laundry is going through the wash cycle, I sit at a table trying to get some things squared away with my publisher and working on my writing.

A man that I met here almost 1 year and half ago walks over to me and ask, “Aren’t you the writer?” I answered yes, and then he reminds me he has my book, “Calling Love Home” and we chat for a few minutes and then he walks away.

About 20 minutes later, I am putting my laundry into the dryer and the same guy comes up to the aisle, gets my attention and asks me if I am still writing. I answered yes, and since our last introduction, I had published a second book and currently penning book number 3.

He smiles and walks away again.

While trying to put the second load of clothes in the dryer, I realized that I had run out of quarters and walked towards the change machine and where he stood nearby. I turned to him and asked if he had a chance to read my book. He said yes. Then he tells me the last time he saw me, I was so much happier. So I’m thinking to myself, hmm… I’m kind of tired, I’m frustrated with my publishing company so maybe that is showing on my face. But then he adds, “You are more humbled.

Well, that does come with practicing a lot of inner work and yoga. Yet then what he would tell me next would really make me think twice.

He proceeded to tell me that there was a heavy sadness coming through my eyes. GULP!

Then he asked what my 3rd book was about, and as I was about to say the word, my throat choked up and tears welled up in my eyes, and I answered with heartbreak. He then shook his head and said, I could already tell. Wow! And I think what about all of those times when people saw me and they said I looked great, happy and free, was that just a bunch of misperception and this sadness has truly become me? I do know that I have become that person that feels deeply to whatever is going on around me, and let’s face it, the world is in a lot of pain right now.

And the truth is, I also allowed my heart to open and she fell hard fast, and has held loyal to that space for so long. And with no other option but to yet again, let go, I am trying to find a way to heal.

The man left and I sat back down at the table waiting for my clothes to dry, and then he walks back in and says to me, “You are a brilliant and beautiful woman, please know that your heart is held high in the universe so no one can ever break it.” “You must keep writing.”

I might have to apologize for the mood of my 3rd book, but this is my journey, and like everyone else, I do fall in love, and being only human, my heart doesn’t bend, she breaks and she writes.

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