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What Christmas means to me.

For me, Christmas isn’t about the gifts under the tree but how we utilize our gifts that are given to us by the divine. This photo is from five years ago today, when my tribe and I first started our homeless project that we now do on Thanksgiving. I think of this man often and wonder how his life has turned out since that day. When we came up to him on the streets and gave him a bag of necessities, tears of joy filled his eyes. He shared his story with me, and he said that within the next year he was determined to be off the streets. I can only hope and pray that his wish came true. Since then, it seems like the homeless population has grown to extreme amounts in this wonderful city of Los Angeles, and I continue to see younger people and families that are among this group. I am determined to help in anyway that I can. So, I ask that as you go on throughout your day celebrating the holidays with your families, please just send a prayer out into the world that those who might not have the same, or are all alone for whatever reasons, can feel a bit of peace, warmth, love and realize that they too are needed in this world. LOVE & blessings to you all! GINA VENTURINI

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