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Love has no boundaries. A Dog person can fall in Love with a Cat. RIP Gidget.

When I got home last night, I received a call from my friend and landlord Pam. Gidget, was this cat that had lived in the place where I currently rent. She had been living in this huge Craftsman style house for maybe two or three years on her own with caregivers coming to check up on her. She had belonged to my friend's mother who no longer was living here.

Gidget finally realized that I was living on the other side of her door maybe a month after I had moved in, and she started calling to me one day with her cries of meows. As soon as I heard her cries, I called my landlord and asked them to unlock the door so that she could see me.

Pat came to the house to unlock the door and introduced Gidget and I, and our first initial meeting wasn't the most successful. I would spend the next few weeks trying to break through to her with food, actions of love, until she knew I was real and we finally became good friends. Of course she would come out of the main house in to my 1 bedroom apartment once she heard my card drive up to get fed and some love.

And oh dear did she like to talk, especially between the hours of one and 3 AM in the morning.

Around Halloween of 2016 Gidget had caught a cold and blood started coming out of her nose. So my friend took her to the vet, and Gidget was living at their house since then.

We were recently talking about her coming back to me and I was very excited that I even moved her bowl, water tower, scratching post and some toys in my small hallway. I had also did some rearranging a couple weeks ago to make some more room for her. But unfortunately the vet diagnosed her with a very enlarged heart and there was little chances of her surviving at 15 years old. So the decision was made to put her down.

When I hung up the phone with my friend, I'm not gonna lie that I shed a few tears. Even though Gidget and were only together a very few months, she taught me so much about love. Most of you who know me know that I have never owned a cat in my life. I am a dog person. I had to put down my dog Bruschi right before I had moved back to LA in 2015. And that was one of the toughest things I had to do in my life.

Gidget taught me that Love has no boundaries, it truly has to be patient, kind, and it has to be given on a consistent basis.

And those that are giving the love have to give it in a manner the recipient understands.

We have to earn the recipient's trust.

And no matter how much we love, the recipient has to be willing to receive it.

I'm learning a lot about loves these days since It seems like everything that I love has an expiration date. Most likely the reason I don't take it for granted, and remain so loyal to the people I Love.

It can be here today and gone tomorrow. These days, I am learning to grow comfortable with the silence.

RIP Gidget. You will forever be in my heart.

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