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A Heart's Knowledge

Where strength no longer existed to grasp for things that had no design of ever reaching back, nor the energy to fight for all that insisted on pulling away, was where my heart found her true voice, and where love was meant to remain.

My heart had to discover that love had to flow from within, rather than allow her breath to exist from another.

I could no longer depend on my survival through the opinion of men I thought could love me without constraints; that kind of love nearly took me near death.

Once I began to cut my losses and stand on my own, room opened up with an endless flow of magical moments I had previously envisioned in my mind, while writing them down behind closed doors that stood next to the doors where my enemy laid.

As each new day started to bring fresh hope, confidence came easier, independence was found, my heart became awakened, and I was given the wisdom to begin again.

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